Florin Awards Process

Role of the Jury

The jury consists of five members, including the chairman of EPCA or a designated EPCA representative. The members of the jury are selected 'by invitation' from the industry community applying several criteria:

  • Experienced, respected, authoritative industry professionals, able to take an unbiased position.

  • With a proven inclination towards innovation.

  • With different perspectives on the transaction services industry: e.g. different actors, services, channels, geography.

The role or the jury is straightforward and three-fold:

  • Monitor the Florin Awards process and ensure that everything proceeds according to the ‘rules’ and in a fair manner.

  • Select the Florin 'Winner Jury Vote'.

  • Present the Florins in the Florin Award ceremony at the EPCA Conference.

Award process

The Florin Awards process has been designed to capture the most recent innovations in the transaction services industry and to select the nominees and winners that have broad industry appeal. To this end, both industry experts and the community are involved in the process to determine the winners. The way the winner is determined differs for each of three Florin Awards. As a result, it is possible for a single candidate to win multiple awards!

Florin Awards process

Phases and Timeline

The award process consists of 3 phases: Call for candidates > Nomination > Community/Jury voting and Product Pitch contest.



Five nominees compete for the Florin ‘Winner Jury Vote’ and Florin ‘Winner Community Vote’. The five nominees are selected during January from the candidates that have submitted a valid application. The European Payments Consulting Association (EPCA: 11 members in 10 countries: MT, RU, DE, DK, FR, HU, IT, NL, PL, UK) appoint the nominees. In this process each EPCA member awards a maximum of 10 points to a minimum of 5 candidates, based on their own criteria. The top 5 that result from this scoring are nominated. The nominees are announced 1 month after the closing of the ‘call for candidates’, in the beginning of February.


Community/Jury voting

After nomination, the transaction services community votes online at ThePaypers.com for their favorite nominee to determine the Winner Community Vote. The Florin Jury selects the Winner Jury Vote. This phase lasts about 2 months and ends at the start of the EPCA Summit, 12 March 2014.


Awards ceremony

The Florins are awarded to the winners in the Florin Award ceremony at the end of the 1st day at the EPCA Payment Summit, 12 March 2014. The winners are announced by Jury members present at EPCA Summit.


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