Chase Paymentech is a global leader in payment processing and merchant acquiring and a specialist in customer-not-present (CNP) transactions. In 2010, Chase Paymentech processed more than 20.5 billion transactions with a value exceeding $469.3 billion, including an estimated half of all global Visa and MasterCard Internet transactions. In addition ...
Geographical presence Europe, North/Latin America
Keywords Customer not present, credit card processing, payment processing, CNP, recurring billing, e-commerce, mail order, accept credit card
Active since
Payment methods
Credit cards Yes
Debit cards Yes
Prepaid cards Yes
Online banking
E-wallet Yes
Mobile/SMS/IVR Yes
Alternative payment methods Yes
Connected companies(#)
Companies PSP is connected to N/A
Settlement currencies (acquirers) GBP, EUR, USD, CHF, DKK, SEK, NOK, ZAR, JPY, NZD, AUD and HKD
PSP services
Unique selling proposition Chase Paymentech is committed to its merchants and is synonymous in the payment processing industry for secure and reliable payment solutions. Our systems and processing environments are designed to help meet the specific needs of merchants backed by a consultative approach, proactive relationship management, modern robust technology, and assistance in minimising fraud and chargebacks.
Core services Customer-not-present merchant acquiring and payment processing
Pricing To discuss pricing, please contact us on +353 1 726 2950
Collecting payments?
Distributing payments?
Fraud prevention (measures) Chase Paymentech’s Safetech Fraud Tools - an innovative suite of solutions designed specifically to combat fraud utilising continuous transaction monitoring, a customisable rules engine and advanced fraud detection technologies.
Fraud prevention partners N/A
Credit management (services)
Other services Orbital Payment Gateway: secure internet processing; browser-based virtual; 24/7 application support; software development; online authorization; auto-close of daily; wide range of payment; customer profile management/tokenisation. Authorisation Recycling: automatic resubmission of transactions; recovery of declines; customised merchant parameters; effective reporting and output. Risk Management Services: monitors unmatched refunds to sales; tracks VIS and MasterCard monitoring thresholds; monitors daily patterns; monitors charge backs to sales; merchant shopping program; online chargeback management. Purchase Card Acceptance: Visa and MasterCard; level I, II, III fields; full data between buyer and seller; business demand; paper reduction; BIN ranges available weekly. Recurring Payment Support: card account update service; MasterCard SIIP program; recurring payment indicators; multiple payment methods. Spectrum SDK: simplifies direct integration; manages connections; eases upgrades with templates
Third parties No
Direct connections supported?
Batch processing?
Per order processing?
Merchant pages (direct model)?
PSP pages (redirect model)?
Interface HTTPS, VPN, MPLS, Web Services, SOAP, XML (specifications available upon request)
Security HTTPS, SSL, SSL+, PKI

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