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ESET discovers an undetectable malware

Thursday 24 March 2016 | 01:52 PM CET

Security company ESET has detected a hidden malware designed to steal data.

The malware is called the ‘USB Thief’ and is very hard to detect or analyse it, because it cannot be copied or reverse-engineered. What makes it difficult to discover is that it behaves as a plugin source of portable applications or just a library used by the portable application. For instance, if an app like Firefox portable is executed, the malware is run with it.

ESET’s malware analyst, Tomáš GardoĊˆ, said it looks as this malware was designed for targeted attacks on systems isolated from the internet. He added that this self-protecting multi-stage malware is very powerful, leaving no traces of ever being present on a system, after the USB is removed.

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