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Shypmate contracts travelers to deliver US located parcels to Nigeria, Ghana

Wednesday 9 March 2016 | 09:50 AM CET

Shypmate, a logistics company, has launched a delivery service whereby Nigerian and Ghanaian customers shopping online from the US can get their parcels with the help of travelers.

Shypmate customers need to go to and fil in a link to the item they want to get. They can then pay for the item, along with the Shypmate delivery fee, and Shypmate will go ahead and place the order on their behalf, reports.

After the item is ordered, Shypmate will update the customers throughout the process. Behind the scenes Shypmate's algorithm is able to match travelers with orders, using travel date and luggage space as the key factors. Within 5 to 10 days from Shypmate, or it’s traveler receiving the item from the merchant,the customer will have their item delivered.

Though Shypmate guarantees 10 days delivery, the company says its average delivery takes only four days, from when they receive the item from the merchant. Customers can also send an email to with links to the items they want and Shypmate will handle everything else for them.

The company plans on making it easier to discover things to buy through its platform and become a personal shopping assistant to help Nigerians find the things they need from the US faster.

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