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EPCA Payment Summit: iSignthis presents its authentication service as an alternative to 3D Secure

Thursday 28 March 2013 | 07:29 AM CET

iSignthis, an Australian provider of products for card not present authentication, has presented its authentication solution as an alternative to 3D Secure, during a presentation held at the EPCA Payment Summit and based on ECB’s recently released recommendations aimed at increasing the security of internet payments in the European Union.

iSignthis Authentication features a series of capabilities including:
• It is Card Scheme agnostic - a single solution integrated at a single point (the PSP) can authenticate all cards from any scheme;
• It is Issuer independent - consistent with the ECB requirements, iSignthis Authentication is an acquiring side solution that does not require direct technical or commercial links with the issuing institution or card scheme;
• It allows acquiring PSP's, payment integrators and payment gateways a means for authenticating transactions without the requirement to establish direct links to the issuing PSP. It also means that acquiring PSP's/payment gateways can be in control of their compliance timetable independent of the myriad issuing institutions in the SEPA;
• It is a Single low cost integration at the PSP to provide coverage of all card schemes, including China Union Pay, AmEx, Mastercard, Visa, Carte-Bancaire, Diners, Discover, JCB;
• Cardholders remain anonymous to iSignthis via our double blind tokenised approach;
• It works on all legacy and banking systems and re-uses issuers online or telephone banking portals as part of the cardholder identification process;
• It is a single solution providing global reach across any IP device, any issuer, any card scheme and in any acquiring region.

Merchant Protect, iSignthis’s card not present (CNP) authentication service, is a patented two factor (2FA), dynamic one time password (OTP) authentication system for card not present credit and debit card transactions. Merchant Protect is an alternative to 3D Secure and offers a single integration point at a PSP (or acquirer) to allow for authentication of all cards anywhere in the world without the need for card pre-enrolment or user preregistration.

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