img Jip de Lange, Innopay: "Digital Identity has evolved more and more into a channel for transactions" 30 Jul 2014 12:35 PM CET | Netherlands

The market for digital identity is growing as a result of the digitalization of our society Read more>>

img Emma Lindley, Innovate Identity: "The Internet of Things and Identity: Existing in both physical and virtual worlds" 28 Jul 2014 12:05 PM CET | United States

How the Internet of Things (IoT) could be used in identity in the future Read more>>

img Jacob Boersma, Gijs Burgers, Innopay: "Cryptocurrencies - Rewiring the global financial infrastructure" 20 Jun 2014 11:47 AM CET | Netherlands

Regulation is one of society’s prime tools to keep things running smoothly Read more>>

img Stephan Heckmaier, PAY.ON: "Dynamic Checkout provides a variety of measures to rescue the purchase before the shopper clicks away" 03 Jun 2014 01:34 PM CET | Germany

Shoppers will not complete their purchase if they get insecure in any way during the payment process Read more>>

img Jason Tan, Sift Science: "Sift takes a 'no rules, just data' approach to ecommerce fraud" 23 May 2014 12:51 PM CET | United States

Online security companies are subject to intense pressure because online payments and ecommerce opportunities continue to rapidly evolve Read more>>

img Paul Stanley, ReD: "When it comes to fraud prevention, cross-industry collaboration is key" 21 May 2014 01:02 PM CET | United States

Fraud is not a competitive issue and everyone can benefit from a degree of collaboration Read more>>

img Fintan Byrne, Transaction Network Services: "Empowered Consumers Drive Payments Evolution" 14 May 2014 09:29 AM CET | World

The offline and online worlds are merging and payments originally designed for online use are now starting to emerge in-store Read more>>

img Marc Barach, Jumio: "The challenges of payment security have always been a balancing act" 13 May 2014 02:14 PM CET | United States

We have a voracious appetite to get the full range of life’s tasks accomplished on our connected devices Read more>>

img Eric Duforest, Oberthur Technologies: "We sell mobility and that's where the future market value lies" 12 May 2014 08:13 AM CET | France

Mobility is revamping the full shopping and payment experience Read more>>

img Marc Terry, VocaLink: "Consumers across the world are adopting a 24/7 mobile lifestyle" 09 May 2014 01:56 PM CET | World

A collaborative approach is necessary to develop world-class payments systems Read more>>

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