AmEx to make American Express Prepaid Card available at Office Depot stores

Thursday 22 March 2012 | 03:34 PM CET

Global financial services company American Express has entered an agreement with US retailer Office Depot to make available its American Express Prepaid Card at Office Depot stores.

Customers can order their cards online at the card’s website. Once card members receive their permanent cards, funds can be loaded online through a bank account, such as savings or checking accounts, direct deposit as well as through cash loading. Permanent card members can create, manage and specify additional user cards for others.

AmEx has also rolled out new features on the permanent American Express Prepaid Card including direct deposit, cash loading as well as ATM access, allowing permanent card members to view transaction history, disable/enable ATM access, view account balances and reload funds.

In recent news, American Express has entered a partnership with Twitter. As part of the agreement, American Express cardholders can use Twitter's online messaging service to obtain discounts and other deals from more than a dozen retailers.

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