Asda selects Streamline & Visa Europe for contactless payment service

Monday 23 April 2012 | 03:16 PM CET

UK retailer Asda has selected Visa Europe and Streamline, the UK-based face to face card payment processor, to deploy a contactless payment service.

Under the agreement, Asda customers are set to be able to tap the reader with their contactless enabled cards and pay for purchases.

The new service is set to be available across 25 Asda in the UK stores starting July 2012.

The Visa payWave contactless technology provided by Streamline enables consumers to purchase items by touching the reader with their cards.

Visa payWave platform is based on EMV chip technology, which uses a standard 128-bit encryption technology which enables it to store and encrypt confidential information. Once a customer uses a Visa payWave terminal, the card or mobile device and the terminal exchange security information and the transaction is completed.

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