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ACE Cash Express partners MoneyGram for its online service

Friday 22 February 2013 | 08:52 AM CET

ACE Cash Express, a retailer of financial services, has entered an agreement with MoneyGram to add the latter’s online services to its website.

The service is currently available to customers and features a link on ACE Cash Express' website where customers can connect directly to MoneyGram to send money and pay bills. ACE Cash Express online consumers will have to click on the MoneyGram Online icon and will be taken to the home page of MoneyGram where they can estimate the cost of sending a transaction, handle a money transfer or pay a bill.

MoneyGram provides its online service to current and prospective agents who want to reach more consumers and increase their online presence through MoneyGram's suite of product and services.

The online collaboration between MoneyGram and ACE Cash Express builds on more than a decade since the two financial services companies started working together.

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