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Plastyc, eBillme to launch online banking-based payment system for self-employed users

Thursday 16 December 2010 | 11:29 AM CET

Plastyc, an online payment and money management services provider, and online payments services provider eBillme have joined forces to develop a system designed to enable self-employed users such as freelancers or small businesses to accept payments directly from their clients' online banking accounts.

How it works

In order to gain access to the new service, users need to sign in to their existing Plastyc UPside Visa or iBankUP prepaid account or sign up using their social security number (no credit cheque needed). Further on, users have to select "eBillme" to email clients an invoice checkout page. Afterwards, clients will receive an electronic bill and the provider’s eBillme account number upon completion of the checkout page. Then, customers will be able to pay for the bill via their online banking service. Once completed, the payment transaction gets credited automatically to the freelancer's UPside Visa or iBankUP prepaid card account.

The micro-based payment system also allows clients to take the eBillme number to any of the 75,000 Walk-in locations in order to pay the invoice with cash.

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