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Ukraine: Western Union, PrivatBank launch money transfer service via iPhone

Wednesday 27 February 2013 | 11:19 AM CET

Western Union has entered an agreement with Ukrainian financial institution PrivatBank to provide customers in Ukraine with a new option for sending and receiving Western Union money transfers from their iPhone devices.

Customers can make transaction with PrivatBank’s payment application dubbed Privat24. To make a transaction a customer needs to have a PrivatBank card and to set up the Privat24 application onto the mobile phone or device.

PrivatBank clients can also send and receive Western Union money transfers in PrivatBank’s branches and ATMs, receive Western Union money transfers at PrivatBank’s self-service kiosks across Ukraine or use the service via Privat24 internet-banking.

In recent news, the Western Union Company has certified the global mobile telecom company Ericsson’s Wallet Platform.

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