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Mobey Forum welcomes Nets as new member, published new Articles of Association

Tuesday 27 March 2012 | 12:00 PM CET

Mobile financial services industry organization the Mobey Forum has added Denmark-based payment services provider Nets to its list of members and has published new Articles of Association which open full membership to supervised payment institutions.

Mobey Forum’s articles of association define a new institutional membership to allow the participation of not-for-profit organisations in related sectors, including academia, government and transport.

With Mobey Forum’s membership comprising financial institutions, mobile network operators, mobile handset manufacturers, payment processors and vendors, it now collectively represents more than 460 million banking customers globally, which represents more than 25 percent of the global customer base.

Organisations that participate in the forum have an opportunity to contribute to the industry recommendations developed and published by Mobey Forum, as well as take an active role when new trials and implementations are planned and created.

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