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MPayMe appoints David Pipe as new global CMO

Tuesday 2 July 2013 | 09:13 AM CET

MPayMe, a Hong Kong-based mobile solutions provider, has appointed David Pipe as its new global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Based in London, David is responsible for marketing, brand management, public relations and customer services for MPayMe’s operations worldwide.

ZNAP enables shoppers to pay by simply scanning a QR code with their smartphone, selecting a pre-stored credit/ debit card, and entering a four-digit PIN to complete the transaction in seconds. Both customer and retailer receive immediate confirmation once the payment has been completed.

In recent news, MPayMe has completed a pop-up shop collaboration with Bengt Fashion, an online fashion boutique that spotlights selected collections from emerging British and international designers. The one day event invited guests to purchase the latest summer fashions using ZNAP’s mobile payment technology.

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