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PayPal launches InStore m-payments app in the UK

Thursday 31 May 2012 | 02:52 PM CET

PayPal has entered an agreement with UK retailers Coast, Oasis and Warehouse to launch its NFC mobile payment application in the UK, online media outlet reports.

According to the source, the new app, dubbed PayPal InStore, employs NFC stickers distributed via its retail partners and attached to smartphones to enable purchases at NFC-enabled point of sale terminals. Customers download the app available for iPhone or Android smartphones, link it to a tag and swipe their phones over the terminal. The app then displays the purchase, as well as any applicable discounts, so the customer can confirm the purchase.

In recent news, PayPal has partnered 15 new retailers to offer its in-store payments service, which enables customers to buy products using their PayPal accounts.

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