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Telecom, Westpac, Auckland Transport to trial NFC-powered mobile wallet for transport and retail payments

Monday 30 April 2012 | 10:50 AM CET

New Zealand-based mobile network operator Telecom, financial services company Westpac and regional transport authority Auckland Transport have teamed up to trial an NFC-powered mobile wallet system for transport and retail payments in the city of Auckland, online media outlet reports.

The partnership also includes electronic payments provider Paymark, as well as technology French provider of information systems and communications security Thales and Dutch digital security company Gemalto.

The trial involves staff members from all six participating organisations who will employ NFC-enabled mobile phones to carry out purchases at a range of Auckland businesses as well as to pay for fares on public transport. The trial is expected to kick off in May 2012.

Earlier in April 2012, Paymark has entered an agreement with mobile network operators Vodafone, Telecom and 2degrees to launch a mobile wallet joint venture. Under the deal, the four companies are expected to provide consumers in New Zealand with the ability to pay for goods and services with their mobile devices.

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