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Data breaches occur at a high rate at companies in Asia, with notable financial loss, according to a... | Read

In 2013, 40% of Asian companies have reported major financial losses due to data breaches, recent fi... | Read

AutoNation unveils potential third-party security breach
28 May 2014 | United States | News

US car retailer AutoNation has started informing a number of customers that their personal informati... | Read

Ecommerce, POS – main targets for data breaches
23 May 2014 | United States | News

Ecommerce and point-of-sale (POS) terminals were fraudsters’ primary source for attacks on sen... | Read

eBay strongly advises its 145 million customers to change their passwords due to a cyber-attack resu... | Read

South Korean credit card companies KB Kookmin Card, NH Nonghyup Card and Lotte Card, which were hit ... | Read

Security breaches cost for UK businesses on the way up
30 Apr 2014 | United Kingdom | News

Even though the number of reported attacks has declined, the average cost of data breaches has risen... | Read

18% of US adults suffer data breaches
16 Apr 2014 | United States | News

18% of US adults have had important personal information stolen, including their Social Security Num... | Read

Recent data breaches suffered by US-based retailers have had a major impact on the operations of fin... | Read

Provider of data security and payment card industry compliance management services Trustwave has bee... | Read

Recent data breaches suffered by US-based retailers such as Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels have ... | Read

California DMV probes card data breach
25 Mar 2014 | United States | News

The Californian Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is currently investigating a potential security b... | Read

Credit unions pay high price for data breaches
12 Feb 2014 | United States | News

Credit unions and their 96 million members are paying a high price for retailers’ data breache... | Read

Target breach cost to banks reaches USD 172 mln
10 Feb 2014 | United States | News

The Target data breach has so far cost US banks more than USD 172 million in re-issued plastic cards... | Read

Barclays damned after theft of thousands of customer files
10 Feb 2014 | United Kingdom | News

Financial services provider Barclays has recently suffered a data breach where thousands of confiden... | Read

The online banking system has been hacked in Kazakhstan, online media outlet Tengrinews reports.... | Read

The security breach that US-based retailer Target has recently suffered has had a major impact on th... | Read

CDISGroup, a provider of identity and security protection services and UK distributor for US online ... | Read

48 percent of UK organisations believe that virtualized environments need more security as they intr... | Read

Data breaches correlated with consumer fraud losses
07 Jun 2013 | United States | News

Data breaches and consumer fraud are increasingly correlated, as a single massive data breach can le... | Read

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