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Cross-border Ecommerce - The Paypers

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Cross-Border Ecommerce Community

To Support the Global Expansion of Merchants, Payment Service Providers, ISOs and Acquiring Banks

The Cross-Border Ecommerce Community (CBEC) has been set up to pool information and expertise that will help companies take advantage of global opportunities for profitable, cross-border ecommerce. The founding members of the CBEC are Payvision and World IT Lawyers. The CBEC is endorsed by the Ecommerce Europe.

Through The Paypers, the CBEC enables Merchants, Payment Service Providers, ISOs and Acquiring Banks to access country and regional ecommerce facts, figures and insights - valuable content about mature and developing markets that can support strategic decision-making. The obstacles which hinder cross-border expansion are explored, and the payment methods, ecommerce law, online fraud and risk issues that affect individual countries are addressed.

The CBEC will also share thought leadership, news and expert opinion on cross-border issues and initiatives via a dedicated microsite -

The partners in this initiative believe that we are stronger collectively, when we pool our knowledge. By bringing together and sharing expertise from multiple sources, we hope to enable a deeper understanding of ecommerce drivers, opportunities and challenges, helping companies to expand with confidence across the dynamic global ecommerce landscape.

What’s included in Each Country Report

In order to provide a clear but comprehensive overview of the ecommerce and online payments landscape, the cross-border ecommerce reports include updates on the most relevant industry indicators and country specifics, as follows:
  • Ecommerce facts & figures

  • Cross-border ecommerce

  • Industry trends

  • Payment methods

  • Mobile payments

  • Payment service providers

  • Ecommerce fraud and online fraud prevention

  • Ecommerce Law (Europe only)

On The Paypers website you can find an abstract of the complete report.

Our Methodology

In preparing this analysis, we relied mainly on secondary research. Data featured in this section were gathered from multiple sources, including Internet World Stats, Eurostat, MarketResearch, consultancy firms, card schemes and ecommerce associations, combined with primary research from industry thought leaders, payments and fraud experts who are our CBEC partners, with very solid knowledge on the local/regional online payments and ecommerce landscape. In addition, we used our own resources and skill sets to provide some clarity whenever we came across conflicting data records, facts and statistics collected from multiple sources.

There are significant variations in ecommerce development and the use of online payment methods across countries, with transactions ranging from small values to substantial sums, initiated via a range of payment instruments and driven by different business models. As ecommerce (and implicitly online payments) development is driven by country specific factors and also registers different growth levels, data availability varies to a significant extent between countries. Some of them have various organisations/market research firms/indexes that publicly and constantly reveal ecommerce-related data. Other countries present the language barrier challenge, which makes data gathering and reliability more difficult. Therefore, in some cases, we had to gather information from unrelated data sources.