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TransCrypt launches multi-currency instant-messaging payments system

Wednesday 14 March 2018 | 01:16 PM CET

TransCrypt is using Telegram to launch a new universal payment system that acts within the interface of messaging platforms, allowing users to send or receive payments via message in all major cryptocurrencies.

With TransCrypt, users can carry out cryptocurrency transactions, convert currencies, purchase tokens and pay for services on all major devices.

Transcrypt’s new platform will make cryptocurrency payments easier and faster than current fiat payment methods, in a compliant and secure ecosystem, as simple as sending a message.

The built-in conversion system means that exchanges are calculated automatically, and payments can be made in the required currency with precision and ease.

TransCrypt’s multi-currency wallet gives users access to transactions within a single domain at a 0% commission rate within the TransCrypt network.

The global cryptocurrency transaction market is one of the fastest growing sectors. The volume of daily transactions in 2017 increased 15 times from that of the previous year, exceeding the billion-dollar mark.

However, the cryptocurrency payment technologies available today are often expensive and inefficient, meaning that a transaction requires multiple wallets and intermediaries, which overcomplicates the process and adds security concerns.

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