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Data breach alert: Xbox 360 and PSP ISO forums user accounts hacked

Wednesday 1 February 2017 | 01:37 PM CET

Xbox 360 and PSP ISO forums have been breached by an unidentified hacker, exposing the details of over 2.5 million gamers` accounts.

Independent security expert Troy Hunt said for Daily Mail that hackers targeted the “XBOX360 ISO” and “PSP ISO” forums back in September 2015, compromising the email addresses, account passwords and IP addresses. Currently, the hackers behind the intrusions have not been identified, and users have been advised to change all of their accounts' passwords.

Gaming ISO files are exact copies of existing games that have been copied from the original disc. These ISO forums are used by gamers to swap links to free downloads of different games for each gaming system and illegally download the pirated copies, according to IBT.

Furthermore, as seen in previous massive breaches, hackers who swipe users' information and data usually dump it online after they have quietly exploited it.

Commenting on this, Dan Mathews, Lastline said, “The forums themselves are isolated from the core Xbox and PSN properties owned by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. The bigger problem with breaches like this is that people frequently reuse the same username (email address) and passwords at the various sites they visit - oftentimes including sites they visit from their work log-ins.

This makes it trivial for attackers to compromise multiple sites using user credentials stolen at a single forum, and creates an open channel for advanced and systematic attacks.”

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