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BehavioSec adds new capabilities to its Behavioral Biometrics Platform

Thursday 18 July 2019 | 09:55 AM CET

BehavioSec has announced new capabilities for its BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics Platform to support financial services, retail, and other customers defeat attacks utilizing stolen passwords.

Now available in BehavioSec’s latest platform update (version 5.1), the following features developed according to customer feedback in large-scale deployments address authentication, login friction and give organizations more visibility into attempted online fraud.

New account fraud detection - BehavioSec’s population profiling technology compares a user’s behaviour in a new account to institutions’ wider user population, giving early warning of fraudsters’ efforts to use new accounts as cover.

Improved accuracy with Anomaly Detection Module - Scant false-positives are further reduced as BehavioSec’s artificial intelligence software discerns cases where legitimate users’ behaviour might appear suspect - such as the case of a user regularly connecting through a remote access tool.

BehavioSec addresses the identity, security and usability imperatives by giving businesses a new, GDPR-compliant anti-fraud edge - the human behaviour of their own existing customers or account holders. BehavioSec’s software builds user profiles incorporating individuals’ inherent behaviour with no added interaction required. Instantly comparing login attempts and session behaviour against these user profiles, BehavioSec’s continuous authentication assigns a trust score to all activity.

BehavioSec integrates within Web and mobile applications and is available as a pure software play deployed on-premises, delivered as a hosted model or added to mobile app architectures via API frameworks.

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