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Mobile commerce and online shopper behaviour in France

Read below more about ecommerce growth, ecommerce sales and cross-border ecommerce in France

France is one of the leading European ecommerce markets, after the UK and Germany. The French consumer is tech savvy; 89% of internet users have shopped online. The market is slowing down, however, from 20.4% in 2012 to 11.2% in 2013. French online merchants and shoppers are already looking overseas as 25% of online merchants are exporting overseas and 19% of online consumers are shopping across borders.
Total Population
- 64.3 million
Age Breakdown
- 38.9% of the population in France are between 25 and 54.
Roman Catholic is the most popular religion in France, approximately 83% of the population.
Urban Population
- 87%
Internet Penetration
- 85.75%
55.4 million
Mobile Penetration
- 119%
Tablet Penetration
- 18.1%
Smartphone Penetration
- 53%
Online Shoppers
- 33.8 million
- 89% of all internet users buy goods or services online.
Ecommerce Sales
- EUR 51.1 billion
Ecommerce Penetration
- 59%

Cross-border Ecommerce Opportunities
• 25% of French sites undergo exports which generate 10% of their sales internationally, supported by international demand for French fashion and beauty brands.
• French online consumers are above average in Europe when it comes to buying goods and services via the internet in another EU language; 19% shop across borders, as compared to an average of 15%.
• France is the third most popular destination for cross-border online shopping among European online shoppers purchasing abroad, topped only by the UK and Germany.
• In France, cross-border online merchants sell mostly to Belgium / Luxembourg (42%), Spain (27%), Italy (26%), the UK (17%) and the US (6.9%).
• French online shoppers mostly buy from Germany (41%), the UK (29%) Belgium (15%) the US (9%) and China (7.9%).

Language as a Key Driver
• The official language of France is French, spoken by 88% of the population, 57.8 million people.
• 3% of the population speak German, or German dialects.
• Flemish is spoken by around 90,000 people in the north-east, which is 0.2% of the French population.
• French is the third most spoken language in Europe, after German and English.
Outside of France, largest numbers of French speakers exist in the Democratic Republic of Congo (28 million), Ivory Coast (12.7 million), Canada, (7.7 million), Haiti (5.6 million), Belgium (4.3 million) and Cameroon (2.9 million).

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