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Ecommerce logistics, refurbishment and reverse logistics in Turkey

Read below more about ecommerce logistics, refurbisment, remarketing, returns process, customer returns and reverse logistics in Turkey.

Detailed information to be found in the Cross-border Ecommerce Report – Turkey

The ecommerce sales for buying products on the internet is becoming increasingly well embedded in Turkish consumerism. 53% of Turkey’s 82 million population have access to the internet which has driven 5.4 billion internet sales in 2013; a 50% growth compared to the year before.

Based on the results of a survey conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute, 24.8% of all internet users aged 16-74 in Turkey bought goods and services online.

Almost half of the Turkish people that ordered something online, bought clothes and sports goods. Another popular product category is electronic equipment, followed by household goods and travel arrangements.

The Turkish ecommerce market seems to be dominated by online marketplaces, multi-category retailers and private shopping sites. Huge online stores in Turkey are Gitti Gidiyor, Hepsiburada, and Trendyol.
Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is becoming more important in recent years regarding the standards related with environment that were determined by EU and developed countries and increasing of customer satisfaction.

What distant sellers need to realize primarily in the electronics and battery area is that it is obligatory to register the quantity of items that are put to market. The so called European WEEE regulation obliges manufacturers and retailers to be registered and report also the items that are taken back from the market. An example would be a coffee machine which is end-of-life, needs registration (often in bulk) in the right registry. Non-compliance can bring fines of thousands or EUR.

In many cases there are also options to prevent items ending up to be classified as waste and create a second life with specialized refurbishing companies. Britcom is a key player in domestics appliances and smaller electronics, but there are also good options via eBay.

Good Returns Management Helps You Grow

The cross-border market nowadays is the fastest growing and therefore offers you the most possibilities to win new customers. Moreover international customers spend more per transaction and often return rates are significantly lower. So next to a good transaction management the returns often provide a challenge to enter into new markets.
The challenge to link all the transactions, client and logistics information is already a challenge in domestic markets let alone in a return of cross-border ecommerce sale. Working with specialists in this area, like Cycleon, the award winning logistics company, is taking away the hassle while being able to concentrate on the marketing of your product.

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In-depth information about ecommerce logistics, refurbishment, remarketing, returns process, customer returns and reverse logistics in Turkey to be found in the Cross-border Ecommerce Report – Turkey.