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Almost 31 percent of consumers plan to buy a Valentine's Day gift online

Tuesday 13 February 2018 | 10:43 AM CET

A new survey from One Hour Translation has revealed that 31% of those who plan to buy a Valentine`s Day gift in 2018 intend to do so online.

The survey, which the company held in January 2018, was conducted in collaboration with Google Consumer Surveys and included 4,020 participants in 11 developed countries: the US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan and Australia. The answers of some 1000 people in the US, and the survey analyzed another 300 in each of the other 10 countries.

In the 11 countries participating in the survey, a global average of some 20% answered that they plan to buy presents in physical stores, and another 9% of those responding (more than 30% of expected shoppers), said they would do so online.

Approximately 63% of those responding said they did not intend to buy Valentine's Day gifts in 2018. The countries with the leading number of respondents preferring to buy presents in physical stores are Japan (35%), Italy (33%), the Netherlands (30%) and Mexico (29%).

Only 19% of respondents from the US and Canada, 13% from France and Spain and 11% in Brazil and Australia and 7% from Germany answered that they intend to purchase a Valentine’s gift from a brick-and-mortar store.

According to the survey's results, the country with the largest number of respondents preferring to make an online purchase this Valentine's Day was Italy (23%). The Netherlands followed with 16%, with the US and Canada (10% each) trailing close behind.

The percentage of respondents from the remaining countries who preferred to make online purchases is 8% in France and Australia, 6% in Germany, 5% in Mexico, Spain and Japan, and 3% in Brazil.

In 8 of the 11 countries surveyed, more than half of the respondents answered that they have no intention of buying gifts this year for Valentine's Day. This trend appeared most prominently in Brazil (85%), followed by Spain (82%) and Australia (81%), Canada (71%), the US (70%), Mexico (66%), Japan (60%) and the Netherlands(54%). Germany (45%), Italy (44%) and France (33%) complete the list.