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Frontier Airlines Partners, Qubit join to customise travel booking experience of clients

Thursday 9 March 2017 | 12:53 PM CET

Frontier Airlines, a low-cost carrier, has partnered with Qubit, a data customer experience provider, to understand their customers’ behaviour and provide a tailored travel booking experience.

Prior to Qubit, Frontier had been using A/B testing for site optimisation which lacked the ability to personalise the customer experience and limited customer engagement and conversions. Qubit met Frontier’s requirements for digital experience management platform that integrates analytics, segmentation, A/B and multivariate testing and personalisation.

The ability to create a personalised customer experience for each traveler will allow Frontier to provide customers what they’re looking for based on past purchases and browsing behaviour. In addition, Frontier will be able to use more precise customer data, served up by the Qubit platform, to offer ancillary products to the right customers at the right time, while increasing conversions and customer loyalty.

Frontier Airlines joins more than 300 of the world's consumer brands in leveraging Qubit's digital experience delivery platform which delivers 12 billion personalised experiences each month. Anticipating the era of customer-centricity, Qubit’s technology allows companies complete access to its customer data – at every level – so the customer experience can be optimised at every brand touchpoint.

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