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Walmart partners Quid to learn more about spending behaviour of customers

Thursday 9 March 2017 | 02:17 PM CET

Walmart has partnered with Quid, a market researcher, to parse and analyse the data on how customers spend.

Pre-cooked rotisserie chicken sales are up almost 10% in the past two years. The rise is a result of a growing desire for a combination of nutrition and convenience. The same trend drove a 10% growth in 2016 versus 2015 in the sale of slow cookers.

Foods with healthful properties like turmeric and garlic supplements are up 30% over the last 24 months. Also, sales in Walmart’s over-the-counter department are up nearly 10% over the past two years, with probiotics leading the way.

Sales of scientific and educational toys are up 24% over the past year. STEM-focused digital products for kids seem to be the compromise for parents who are trying to navigate the issue of screen time and technology for their children. Robotic toys, like Hatchimals, are benefiting with sales up 14% over the past 12 months.

Smart thermostats and security devices have rised 500% over the past two years. It’s a way for people to stay connected to their homes as they spend more time away from them. Sales of home improvement hardware, including power tools, are up 7% versus in 2016.

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