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Mobile Payments

Seqr launches Seqr Go! for teenagers

Thursday 16 March 2017 | 11:01 AM CET

Seqr has announced the launch of Seqr Go!, the mobile payment app designed mainly for teenagers.

Seqr Go! enables teenagers to send money or receive money from other Seqr users whether home or abroad, anywhere in the world, free of charge. The in-app payments activity log gathers all purchases and receipts so Seqr Go! users (and their parents) can keep track of their spending in real time.

Money can be transferred to a Seqr Go! account via person-to-person transfer by another Seqr user. Seqr Go! users don’t need to link a bank account because the funds are transferred to their prepaid Seqr Go! account.

As with the classic Seqr application, contactless is enabled for more convenient payments. This is possible wherever contactless payments are accepted, currently around 30 million point-of-sales worldwide. The Seqr Go! user holds his or her phone up to the contactless card terminal in every shop where a contactless card terminal is installed. For low value transactions, there’s no need to enter a PIN code.

Seqr Go! will be available to download in the Google Play Store on the 16th March 2017.

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