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American Airlines to offer internet PIN Debit payment option powered by Acculynk

Wednesday 8 August 2012 | 03:11 PM CET

US airline operator American Airlines has teamed up with US online transaction security services provider Acculynk to go live with PaySecure, Acculynk’s Internet PIN debit-enabling product.

Under the deal, travelers who use their debit cards to make purchases on have the option to enter their PIN on PaySecure's graphical PIN pad. The transaction is processed as a normal PIN debit card transaction. Acculynk’s PaySecure technology encrypts each PIN so that it is never transmitted as an actual, numerical PIN. Acculynk transmits the PIN directly to the Electronic Funds Transfer network, which in turn sends it to the bank for approval. The PIN is never stored by or Acculynk.

Acculynk is certified with ATH, the leading debit payment and ATM network in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, providing the 2.5 million ATH debit card consumers in Puerto Rico with the ability to use their PIN-only debit cards for e-commerce.

In recent news, Acculynk has inked a contract with National Payments Corporation India (NPCI), an organization of all retail payment systems in India, to provide authentication for all online RuPay debit card transactions, allowing RuPay debit card consumers to use their PIN-only debit cards for e-commerce transactions.

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