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Online & Mobile Banking

comScore MobiLens finds 54 percent internet users in France visit online banking monthly

Friday 18 November 2016 | 08:35 AM CET

comScore MobiLens has found that 54% of web users in France visited online banking sites monthly in Q2 2016, making an average of 10 visits per month and spending over 5 minutes each time.

Some 29% of respondents used a mobile device to access their accounts at least once a month. Two in five mobile banking users (40.8%) used their bank’s mobile website, but banking apps were more popular, used by 64.9%, reports.

More than one-third (36.7%) of people who banked via mobile did so at least once weekly, comScore found, and 30.6% accessed their bank nearly every day.

These figures are in tune with June 2016 data on France’s banking habits from Deloitte. It reported that fewer private banking customers were visiting physical branches to conduct banking transactions.

Instead, 77% of internet users accessed accounts through their bank’s website or a personal online account, and 27% accessed their bank accounts via mobile.

According to comScore, the top 10 banking sites in France were attracting potential clients as well as current customers. Two-thirds (65%) of all visitors to those sites during June 2016 were already account holders, but 35% were not.

The bank customers who accessed their accounts via mobile in Q2 2016 were 120% more likely to tap on an ad than mobile device users generally, comScore reported.

According to Nielsen’s “Global Mobile Shopping, Banking and Payment Survey,” published in November 2016, 68% of consumers in France are unlikely to opt for mobile-only banking, or sign up with a mobile-only bank.

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