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Main card schemes and alternative payment methods in Turkey

Read below about payment methods and how to increase conversion by offering the most convenient online payment methods when selling goods online in Turkey

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Domestic and Preferred Card Schemes
Visa has the greatest share of the credit card market in Turkey, with 56.4%.

Alternative Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery lets customers pay for their purchases by cash upon delivery.
Electronic Fund Transfer/Wire Transfer is a form of payment where customers can pay for their purchases by using their bank account, real-time through an online fund transfer facility. Once a transfer is made by the customer, the funds will then be transferred to the merchant’s account upon settlement.
Debit Card is a type of payment card which is tied to a normal bank account (checking, savings or payroll account). Whenever cardholders pay by using their debit card, their bank account balance gets deducted. If there is an insufficient balance on the cardholder’s account, then the transaction usually gets declined.
E-Wallet in Turkey is currently offered by service providers such as PayPal and iPara. Through e-wallets, users can pay for their purchases by using virtual wallet accounts that can be loaded with money and using several methods such as credit card, debit card or money being deposited over-the-counter.
Prepaid Card is a payment card where a value or cash equivalent has been loaded into it prior to spending. Once a cardholder uses a prepaid card for purchases, the amount that is “pre-loaded” onto the card will get deducted with the value of the item or service being purchased. To use it again, the cardholder will need to load up the prepaid card or buy a new pre-loaded card. A prepaid card is different from a debit card since a debit card is tied to a bank account.

Read an in-depth overview (including sources) of card schemes, alternative payment methods, online payment methods in Turkey and how to increase conversion by using the payment methods in the downloadable country report.