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CashRun: Effective fraud management for high chargeback risk industries

Research Type: Overview
Published: 12 Sep 2012
Pages: 18
File Type: PDF
Size: 3745kb
Analysts: Mihaela Mihaila
Geographic Scope:    World
Editions: Online Payments
Topics: Company, Market, Online-Payments, Product, Services
Companies: CashRun

Certain online businesses are typically unaware that their business models aract a higher number of coordinated fraud atacks, and they tend to take these aacks as a normal consequence of doing business online. The truth is that some industries are more likely to chargeback risk than others. We have compiled the most common features of these business models so you can determine if your business is among them.

It is important to highlight that businesses do not need to have all the features listed below, but adjoining to even one or two might get the business model labeled with a generic “highrisk” by some industry’s stakeholders, mainly the payment service providers and fraud protecon suppliers, which could thus negavely affect the business’ ability to grow. Evaluang your industry’s chargeback risk might be crucial to aain real business growth. The features common in the industries where chargeback risk is high are categorized as follows: intangible goods, delivery method, resale value, transferability, business nature and third-party reseller.

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