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Cryptocurrency report: Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic for friend and foe

Research Type: Overview
Published: 20 Jun 2014
Pages: 51
File Type: PDF
Size: 5813kb
Analysts: Ionela Barbuta
Geographic Scope:    World
Editions: Online Payments
Topics: Company, Market, Online-Payments

Find out more about crypotcurrencies, Bitcoin, virtual currencies in the free cryptocurrency report

This cryptocurrency report gives an overview of key opinions within the industry and a clear message to regulators, banks and entrepreneurs. Don’t wait, but start building your experience with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology so you won't miss the next wave of innovations in payments!

Ever since the rise of Bitcoin, all stakeholders in the financial industry (banks, regulators, merchants, users, entrepreneurs) have been struggling to get to grips with it. Is it money, an asset or technology? Or is it something we have not seen before, a category unto itself, like the internet back in the early nineties? As with the early internet, opinions are divided as to whether it is here to stay.

Through distributed consensus there is not one single individual, company or public institution that claims the truth on ownership of assets, but instead the ‘crowd’ holds a public ledger that is continuously confirming and securing who owns what. Seen in that light, Bitcoin is ‘just an implementation’ of this principle applied to a medium of exchange that can be used as a store of value and currency. Other potential applications of block chain technology can be found in contexts with centralized asset registries, such as securities, cadastres, titles and deeds. Transaction markets like the ones for digital identity and e-invoices can also benefit from aspects of the technology.

The collective understanding of the cryptocurrency phenomenon is still developing, which threatens to stall market development. Many parties are waiting for each other to make the next move: some entrepreneurs are waiting for ‘regulation’ and acceptance by banks, banks are also waiting for ‘regulation’ and regulators are waiting for ‘the market’. This early market stage clearly calls for pioneers who dare to boldly move forward into this uncharted territory and who have confidence that problems and challenges can be solved as they appear.

In creating the cryptocurrency report we were helped by 11 industry experts. They were interviewed over the past months and their views and recommendations form the heart of this cryptocurrency report. Read the complete insight by downloading this free crypotcurrency report.

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