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PSP Buyer's Guide 2010 - 2011 Update - Insights in the worldwide online PSP market

Research Type: Overview
Published: 23 Jan 2012
Pages: 130
File Type: PDF
Size: 7878kb
Analysts: The Paypers
Geographic Scope:    World
Editions: Online Payments
Topics: Market, Market research / news, Online-Payments, Promotions
Companies: The Paypers

The Paypers is proud to present you the PSP Buyer’s Guide 2010 - 2011 Update, currently the most complete and up-to-date reference source for online PSP-related information at global level.

The PSP Buyer’s Guide 2010 - 2011 Update includes data on over 260 online PSPs all over the world. It was designed to serve as a complete information gateway on online payment services providers and function as a one-stop-shop for a wealth of information concerning PSPs. Whether your purpose is to select a payment services provider best suited to serve your institutional needs, compare two PSPs in order to make an informed choice - or simply to stay up to date with the latest initiatives in the field, the PSP Buyer’s Guide 2010 - 2011 Update is the right choice.

Building on the success of the PSP Buyer’s Guide 2010 - 2011 Update, the 2011 edition of the PSP Buyer`s Guide, published by The Paypers in October 2011, has been expanded substantially. The PSP Buyer‘s Guide 2011 now provides state-of-the-art information on over 300 online PSPs all over the world and also presents some general developments in e-commerce, online payments and the persistent problem of fraud, voiced by key industry stakeholders. The PSP Buyer‘s Guide 2011 also includes key facts and trends on the industry on behalf of the Merchant Risk Council, the merchant-led trade association focused on electronic commerce risk and payments globally and also insights into the European online payments space, by Wijnand Jongen, CEO of In the second part, various global PSPs express their thought leadership, with a particular focus on developments regarding fraudsters, risk management, maximizing conversion strategies for merchants and how the opening of the BRIC markets influence their strategy.

Get a clear insight into the dynamic and competitive PSP market by downloading your copy of the PSP Buyer`s Guide 2011.

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