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ThreatMetrix: Cybercrime Battle Basics

Research Type: Overview
Published: 07 Sep 2012
Pages: 8
File Type: PDF
Size: 411kb
Analysts: Mihaela Mihaila
Geographic Scope:    World
Editions: Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud
Topics: Company, Market, Online-Payments, Product, Services
Companies: ThreatMetrix

The cybersecurity war is fought on the new frontier of unregulated and insufficiently protected computers belonging to customers, contractors, business partners and the web applications with which they transact, login, consume and share. The unstoppable consumerization of the enterprise means the front has expanded to include employee smartphones and laptops that roam between private and public networks.

In this battle, no networks need to be breached when the keys to the front door lie on phishing sites, unprotected consumer devices, social networks and compromised credit cards. The artificial division between corporate data and assets and those belonging to their customers and employees is convenient for existing enterprise security vendors but does not stand up to the hard reality of an embedded and amorphous foe that is better equipped, highly connected and immune from retribution.

The actual task of stemming the torrent of money, customer satisfaction and shareholder value that gushes to the tune of tens of billions a year out the Internet front door falls at the feet of the irregular army of the fraud department. This group is loosely organized into silos depending on whether they are internal or external focused, or by specialization depending on whether fraud is associated with an online credit card payment, a new account enrolment or compromised account.

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